My partner, Margie and I work through the alphabet every Saturday for breakfast restaurants and last Saturday’s letter was D.  We went to Double Shot, Oxlade Drive, New Farm.

Having never been there before we didn’t know what to expect but could see that it was a very well oiled machine. It is counter service. and when you see just how small the kitchen is and the diversity of the menu you overlook the wait time for your meals to arrive.

My Philosophy is simple…breakfast needs to be served on a hot plate TICK.

My poached eggs need to be soft TICK
I don’t ask for much….

You may think this is not hard to do but trust me when I say so many places get it wrong. I commend the kitchen team for delivering a quality breakfast while under the pump. Organisation is the key to success and these guys have it down pat, and by the way my double double espresso shots were quality as well.

At Zegatos, we aim to provide great service and great food on a warm plate!

Next week it the letter “E” and my son gets to pick the breakfast spot…stay tuned….

Chef T.